March 31th


March 31th

Sectionals at CFCV sure are heating up. Everyone is killing it whether they are registered competitors or not. Both last week's and this week's WODs have been really cool to witness. I don't remember times when there has been this much competitiveness amongst folks and electricity in the air. It is humbling and awesome.

Below is our leaderboard in the gym with totals as of Wednesday 3/30:


These are the other folks that completed 11.2 on Wednesday 3/30:


Some of these are scaled versions.

Congrats to the March on-ramp class that finished with Carrie tonight. There will be some make-ups necessary but everyone has come a long way in 4 weeks! Good work.

Looks like there's only one person that has completed the requirements for the April on-ramp so we will be doing it on a custom schedule to meet Dave's availability.

No classes are scheduled this weekend so get out and get some active rest and prepare for week 3.

 The schedule for April has been updated in the R column of the blog. Please note that there are some days where there are not PM classes. Two of our coaches are going out of town. Thanks for your understanding.

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  1. Rachael

    Hey, I’m just throwing this out there, but I might be able to cover some PM classes….just let me know if you want me to and I’ll let you know which days.