March 3, 2008


March 3, 2008

Back squats 3,3,3,3,3 were the focus of today’s workouts following the CrossFit warmup. It all started with Shalene and I first thing. I think we were both burnt out form Newport and the prior workouts of the week. We made it through though. Then Peggy was by for her normal 1000 meter row, box steps, thrusters, ring rows and bar push ups.

Janeen was here at her regular 4:00 time and did 4 rounds of 10 KB deadlift high pulls, barbell thrusters, pull ups and push ups. She is making great progress.

After work Caleb and Seth were here for their shot at the back squats. This was the first time for Seth and Caleb upped his weight by 10lbs over his last back squat work out.

Tomorrow its back to the fire station grind.