March 28, and 29, 2008


March 28, and 29, 2008

Being on duty at station 1 for the two days brought the same workout twice. This is due to personnel trades and annual leave at station 14 (they usually come here to join the workout. So it was that Steve K., Brain, Joel, Lisa (EOM), Tom K. (station 2 volunteer), John P., and I did the following workout:

6 minutes of two exercises per round, 1 minute of each exercise alternating to complete the round. 1 minute of rest between rounds.

Round 1; KB Swings & Tire Jumps

Round 2; Push Ups & KB Snatches

Round 3; Ring Rows & One Arm KB Rows

Round 4; KB Push Press & Air Squats

As usual, this workout looks a lot easier than it was but everyone put their heart among other things into it. The workout is very similar to one posted on CrossFit Philly.

On account of different people working today’s c-shift at stations 1 & 14, we repeated the workout so these guys could join in the fun. So it was that Roby, Jeff C., Roy M., Steve K., Tern Ed and I did the above. Midway in the 3rd round, Roy and Steve were spelled by a call.

Tomorrow, CFCV will not have a workout as I am going to the big city to watch kid’s soccer and take a break doing the thing I love most-shopping. OK maybe the game will be the highlight of the day. Back to business as usual Monday.