March 25th


March 25th

Been a long while since I posted, been super busy.

I wanted to recognize the hard work by all those who competed in the CF Games Open as well as those who completed the wods just to experience them. This year several folks significantly improved on the final wod which was the same one as last year, congratulations to all!!!

The  Open process has affected everyone in the gym as I tried to program the wods for what I anticipated was coming on the open wod and when I anticipated folks were going to do it. All the while trying to program for everyone's needs at the same time. I will admit to some sketchiness so I apologize to those that may have issues. Now it's time to move on but not without posting the final wod totals:


And those that did 12.5 that weren't registered:


Looking forward to next year and the remaining events this year, those that seek competitive opportunities have been reminded of where they can focus their efforts to improve.

I will post where everyone ended up on the leaderboard after all validations from other affiliates have been complete on Tuesday.