March 23rd


March 23rd

Back from the OPT module and learned lots of good stuff. As with the other modules I will be implementing some stuff right away and pondering others. On the immediate front comes the addition of a consultation prior to assessments of new potential members. I have mentioned before that I would like people to come watch a workout before deciding whether CFCV is for them, now a consultation is mandatory. Penny mentioned that I may be making it too hard for folks to join, another hurdle and all, but I believe that we are beginning a new long term relationship with folks when they start at CFCV. I also believe that we need to have an understanding of expectations and commitments of one another going into this relationship. That is the purpose of the consultation. With the current on-ramp one week away from finishing it is time to start signing up the next four for the April on-ramp. There will be only 4 and I am having a consult with #1 tomorrow.

While in San Diego I was fortunate to witness some members of the Invictus family perform their Open Wod #1's. While they have their awesome athletes I think it's important to realize that the majority of their membership is just like ours, normal folks just working hard and struggling with double unders. And their list of open participants is approx 156 deep.

I offer this link to the supplement page of OPT. While I am not a big fan of supplementation necessarily, there is some great information here. I think it is worth the time to read and especially think there is great info on the mechanism of how and why the supplements work.

The Games site is still experiencing technical issues and I have been assured by CF staff they will make it all right. I have confidence in their ability to get everything squared away.