March 14th


March 14th

Very busy and gratifying day.

Shalene was here for her pre-trip workout first thing. I helped her through a fine effort at the CrossFit total. Her numbers have increased impressively for a couple of reasons, the most significant of which is confidence in her abilities. Her numbers are in the middle:Dsc01212

Great Job Shalene, have fun at Disney Land.

Denny was the next visitor and we gave the following workout a test drive to see how it would fit subsequent combatants:Dsc01210

Then it was Jared and Janeen’s turn. Janeen struggled with some of the kettlebell moves yesterday so I wanted to enforce them. She arrived feeling somewhat under the weather and had intentions of "watching" husband Jared workout. Before long she was up and doing the warmup. Although she fancies herself as being non-competitive (yeah right!), she was soon messin around with the bell. Her mechanics improved and we did 5 rounds of the following:Dsc01211

Then the 5 o’clock crew of Caleb, Seth, Claudia and April arrived a long with newcomer Tiffany. After warmups, Caleb, Seth and Claudia did the workout Denny and I did earlier in the day. I think Caleb is now ready for his trip.

Then April and Tiffany gave Helen a shot. April’s first exposure to Helen netted an 18:06 time with 12kg bell and ring rows. Tiffany wasn’t able to finish but she really wasn’t expected to considering this was her first exposure to CrossFit and CFCV.

All in all it was a fun day and I was stoked to see Shalene step it up and the rest give it their all. Very humbling.