Marathon Day


Marathon Day

Not a running marathon but marathon in the sense that we held more classes in one day yesterday than ever before.

Had Marcia (Marseea don't call her Marsha), Chuck and Jamie in for their first foundations/introductory class. Paula was also in for her intro class in the evening.

I know I said in the past few posts that I wasn't going to do any classes for one participant in CrossFit Kids but I made an exception yesterday. Vince hasn't had the opportunity to deadlift with a barbell due to some form issues so I used the opportunity to do a little one on one training. Needless to say he performed the same workout as the adults did with barbell deadlifts. Good Job Vince!

There are some interesting things being mentioned on Dutch Lowy and Robb Wolf's blogs I hope you're following them.

I was going to say something profound about the turnover we seem to experience. But I think I'll let it simmer for a bit.

I will be updating the calendar in the next day or so.