Spent some time tonight updating the website and training schedule on the blog. I have added the time slot for the Kids program at 6:30 twice a wek with an 11:00 am class on Saturdays when my FD schedule allows. The prices are up on the website now as well as a link to the CrossFit Kids site.I anticipate being able to handle a class size of 10, if interested e-mail me. The first month the kids program will be free while I work out the kinks.

I have mentioned to several of you that may be interested in improving your weightlifting, the importance of weightlifting shoes. Here is a link for a good deal I ran across Shoes

There was also a fun chalk article on Again Faster recently  Chalk

4 Responses

  1. Buffy

    What? You don’t like my urban hip hop shoes? Maybe a new pic of the “Lil Jolie” mascot would be nice?…

  2. claudia

    I love the “Chalk” article, made me laugh and since I was so cranky this morning a much needed laugh! I too am quilty of the chalk on the heel of my hands but I have learned my lesson!