Made it to Chico


Made it to Chico

I trust the others on the road also made it safely to their destinations.

There has been some reflection lately regarding whether our system is working for people and helping them to meet their goals. I was looking at the goals board and it appears that for the most part folks are meeting their fitness related goals like good squats, muscle ups, kipping pull ups and the like. However I can't help but notice that the appearance related goals are seeming to be a bit slower coming.

Since y'all have been coming I've been preaching that diet is 70-80% of the battle as far as weight goes. I reiterate this and can't stress how important straightening out your diet is to meet weight loss/fat loss goals.

Being in Chico at CrossFit  Norcal is like coming to the nutrition Mecca in that one of the owners is Robb Wolf who happens to be the nutrition guru as far as CrossFit goes. He instructs the Nutrition cert that is coming to Reno on December 13th. The following is a link to his blog which contains lots of great nutrition info:

Although I am in town to learn about Oly lifting from another guru, you can be assured that I will keep my ears open for any nutrition information.

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  1. Caleb

    I keep telling myself that if I just work out 5 days a week I can keep eating fettuccine alfredo and drink all the beer I want. But deep down inside I know I need to make some changes to my diet if I am really going to reach some of my goals. Thanks for the reminders Ron.