Luck #7 WOD


Luck #7 WOD

It was great to be back at CFCV today to coach and work out!  I, Carrie, have had some serious crossfit withdrawals as you all can imagine.

Everyone did an amazing job on todays WOD!  It was a great one as always.  I heard some people saying some fine words about Mrs. 'Karen' and her Friday WOD of 150 wall balls, ouch…. add thrusters to that….I will be lucky to walk tomorrow.  Oh, how I missed not being able to walk…seriously!

I am proud of everyone who completed and dominated this WOD.  I have to give special props to Sheri who did an amazing job today.  Her and I set a goal and she straight up killed it !  I saw Sheri go to that 'other place' during the WOD.  The 'other place' is special to a crossfitter….. oh do I love and miss that place!!!!   AMEN to the CROSSFIT WOD!!!   She gave me the chills.   See you all tomorrow.

5 Responses

  1. Rachael

    Carrie great job on the post! I was pumped and excited reading all about it. I’ve also had to ‘sit it out’ this past week or so. I can’t stand it!! I miss the sweat, the agony, the rush, the whining that these workouts are all about. Aaahhh! But I’ll be back in the game soon enough.

  2. Carrie McGill

    Thanks Rachael, you’re a STUD!!! Don’t get back at it too soon, we need you all better.

  3. kelly

    I hear you girls are doing a excellent. Sorry I haven’t been in to enjoy it. planned on going today but I pulled my groin muscle “Get your minds out of the gutter” it makes it hard to sit and or step. I will try to be back Wed but maybe not 100%. see you soon.

  4. Nicole Gesselman

    Good post Carrie. I have to say Sheri you did go to another place and Im so proud of her!! She kicked a$$ along with all with all the others that were there yesterday. Those 7s dont look tough until you do them… Racheal take it easy you will be back soon enough. Thanks Kelly we are all working together so Ron and Penny can be worry free and enjoy there vacation together. A vacation that is long time needed for those two!!

  5. Cindy Quarry

    It was great to be back for me too! So sore today! Thanks for all you guys keeping it going so Ron and Penny can have some fun!