Love the Jumpers


Love the Jumpers

Last night I mentioned Seth "the jumper" and the 47 1/2" jumps onto the three tires. Of course there were others that weren't gonna let that stand. Caleb and Denny and "fallaway" Chad gave it their try. Caleb and Denny made it:

DSC00272  DSC00274

Yep, he made it!

Nope he didn't, but what a great effort.

So what's the big deal? These guys are ordinary Joes, not acrobats, not CrossFit eliters at least on a global plane but certainly in our world! Way to go guys, and sorry I didn't get your picture Seth. Ryan whassup? and  are there any girls worthy of the challenge?

Burpee day 14 moving to 15 and 16 while I'm on duty. They're startin to suck?

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