Long Week


Long Week

The members of CFCV worked their collective butts off this week. There were some hard workouts and some excellent efforts by many. Just mentioning some of the highlights are:


  • Janeen and her kipping pull ups
  • Sarah's 9 rounds of Cindy as rx'd (no bands on pull ups)
  • Mark's first Cindy 19 rounds as rx'd
  • Janeen's 14 rounds of Cindy with REAL push ups
  • Caleb's 11 rounds as rx'd
  • Dale & Kendall's first Cindy effort.
  • Nicole's 11 rounds as rx'd

There are many "CrossFitters" that wouldn't think these results are all that impressive, but the improvement these individuals have made since they first walked through the door are simply astounding. And these are not the only ones. Virtually every one of our members have had the same outcome.

Another big event occurred yesterday. I signed a new lease for CFCV across the parking lot. Our current location serves our purposes currently but admittedly it gets kinda crowded some days. Looking forward, we will need more space in the near future and frankly, Rudy and Dick from RGR Properties has offered us a great deal that provides for future growth. As such we'll be moving 50 meters or so into the building across the way. I guess it'll be 50m ghd carries for time with lots of substitutions

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