Long Time No Post, Sorry


Long Time No Post, Sorry

Been very busy in and out of the gym recently. Lots of good stuff going on including the Open competition. This weeks WOD should play into our hand pretty well. Several folks have completed it already and several more ready to repeat and first peat tomorrow. I may be up for a class on Saturday for those that have the need.

Last Friday the March on-ramp completed their last WOD which is a repeat of their first. Below is their totals which indicate some significant improvement:

Good Job everyone! I know several folks have integrated into the regular classes and they're doing well.

Here is the board from the day before the announced WOD #3:

Probably not the best programming choices but we have 5 days to complete the WOD.

Dave is going to join Dave in the On-Ramp tomorrow. We are running a special one time 3:30 time frame for this On-Ramp.

I submitted the 20 assessments needed for my Module I certification. There is still a long list of folks that need/want to finish their assessments. It's up to you let me know when you're available to complete them. Everyone should have one completed more sooner than later.

It seems CrossFit HQ is making some headway in getting the leaderboard and some other issues straightened ou on the games site. Each competitor should log in to their page and make sure their scores have been accepted into the system and verified. I know there's a few I have not been asked to verify so check it out soon. I don't think you'll have the ability to fix errors from WOD 1 & 2 past this Sunday.

Next target-Fittest of the Sierras!