Leanout Challenge Fall 2012


Leanout Challenge Fall 2012

Haven't made the opportunity to recap the Leanout Challenge as of yet so here it is!

As you all know, we crowned 3 winners of this round of the Leanout Challenge. The guys competition was won by Chris Begovich with George right on his heels. Both are huge winners and I will discuss that more in dept below. The female category had what is considered shared winners in Carrie McGill and Carrie Hermann. It was shared because Carrie M had this biggest improvement in overall number categories but Carrie H has the most impressive change in before and after pictures.

But honestly I don't see these 3 as the only winners. Every single person that enters and completes these challenges wins! They may not get the money or the number 1 recognition but more importantly face a dragon and slay it. For instance, sure there was a number 1 in the men's category but William conquered one of his weaknesses which is drinking sodas. George also followed suit and quit soda. And Chris even though he was the male category winner more importantly quit a long dipping habit. And what about Jay who has been a vegetarian for years has now become an omnivore along with his bride Eileen. Others include those who have quit pasta, bread and refined sugary foods.

So I beleive everyone has proven to themselves that they can conquer at least one bad habit or crutch if you will if only for 30 days. The important thing is to know that you can accomplish it, the next challenge is to put that one thing to bed like Chris has.

As with all past challenges, I have learned some valuable lessons on what to do and what not to do. So yeah, we will do it again in February ish when the holidays are past. One thing's for sure, there will be better communication on exactly what the ground rules are and probably more categories of participants.

I will post up some info on the Barbells for Boobs event as soon as I can find my copy of Pixela Image Mixer so I can retrieve the excellent video footage I have on my camera. Anyone have a copy of the disc for their camera?