Last Two Days


Last Two Days

Yesterday's workouts were well attended and fun to boot. On the menu was rounds of rowing sprints, box jumps, push ups, squats and slam balls. We welcome Jayde back for the holidays and she will be attending more workouts over the next 3 weeks or so.

Yesterday evening was the holiday concerts of Claudia's kids and my children's children. I would call them my grand children but I'm not old enough to have grandkids. They were gala events.

Anyone interested in looking at their nutrition ought to take advantage of Claudia's offer. I recently began researching the Paleo diet and am going to give it a go. Having some experience with the zone, the Paleo seems to make perfect sense and may fit my needs.

Today's early class (before my shift) was another tough one. The 6am class is becoming more popular all the time and was attended by 9 folks counting me. Good to see Joanne hanging in there for three days in a row.

Our friend Jon Gilson from Again Faster posted this article recently. I thought you might enjoy Link