Last Day of UBC Extreme


Last Day of UBC Extreme

So the gals of "UBC Extreme" had their final exam today. Its been 5 weeks, twice a week or so and quite a journey. I have had a blast and appreciate that Claudia, Shalene, Carrie, and Adrienne have had enough trust in me to follow the program without hesitance. I am also humbled by their progress and willingness to give their all. I know we will all be better for the experience.

Dsc01161 Carrie getting full extension and on her way down.Dsc01162

Adrienne working the sumo deadlift high pullDsc01163

Dsc01164 Claudia and Shalene pull for all their worth.

The Results:

Dsc01165 Of course there was lots of scaling going on but the gals did good!

Then Caleb, Ethan and I did the partners push/pull from New Jersey CrossFit that was posted a few days ago.

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  1. Carrie Richardson

    That was an excellent finish to our Crossfit at NWMA. We all really enjoyed it and believe in the program. We are hoping to continue it and share our experience with NWMA. Thank you Ron!