Last Day of March


Last Day of March

Back at CFCV today and the first person in was Peggy. She has returned from her illness and continued on with her regular workout but with 2 rounds instead of the normal 3.

The 1:00 crew of April, Sarah and Barn were next. While April and Sarah were doing the level I workout, Barb was trying kettlebell swings for the first time. The level I workout:Dsc01259

At 5:00, Mike R., Claudia, Seth and Caleb were in for their workout. Mike R did the above workout while the other three gave the level II workout a shot. There was some scaling going on, but it was as follows:Dsc01257

On another subject Andy Petranek of Petranek fitness in Santa Monica Ca posted on the CrossFit website that May’s issue of Muscle and Fitness will have a spread on CrossFit. He explains it is quite an article done by a columnist that really did their homework and actually came to his facilty regularly for 6 weeks. This is a rarity in that most reporters make a phone call or 2 and write for sensationalism. Here is a You Tube link about the issue: