Last Day of June


Last Day of June

And the Dutch Lowy challenge. So far we are in the lead but being a pessimist I wonder who's got one more average thruster than CFCV. Bottom line is y'all are awesome. There were some seriously improved numbers of which I am proud. Dutch has not announced the new challenge but has thrown the gauntlet down to us the owner/trainers of the participating affiliates. I guess we'll see if I am worthy over the next 30 days or so.

So I found my copy of Every Second Counts and would like to schedule another weekend day to have a viewing/barbecue. I am open to suggestions and know there are several who have not seen it. Norcal margaritas, some kind of healthy fare and a good movie anyone?

I am hoping that the moving of air will suffice for the cooling of the gym this year. I have purchased a couple of more fans and don't plan on using an air conditioner or swamp cooler this summer. The swamp cooler sucked last year and I can't afford to air condition the whole gym.

Scored another Concept 2 rower today for $45.00. It's an original and not pretty but seems to work the same as the newer ones. Two of the ones we have are about a year old and the other is 3 or so years. It is amazing how the one I bought today resembles the mechanics of the other 3 and is 22 years old. Still $45.00 vs. $950.00 is a good score.

More fun coming for the balance of the week….