Kind of a Rest Day


Kind of a Rest Day

I awoke early this morning to take a road trip to Sacramento to pick up stall mats I purchased from a CrossFitter that is moving to Alaska. With mats in the back of the truck, I arrived back in the valley early enough to completely rearrange CFCV. With 8 new (to CFCV) stall mats, Turkish get ups on rubber instead of concrete may be more appealing. Actually, the concrete is usually reserved for me during workouts.

Caleb was by to try out the new arrangement which I think is more functional…..but its still a garage. I am however fixin to think about how to grow CFCV, when more members come on board.

My workout for the day was Tae Kwon DO class at NWMA. Mondays are "conditioning day" which are generally pretty a$$ kicking in their own right.

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  1. Ron

    Yep, they added quite a bit of more covering for the concrete in my gym. Sad thing is, I needed 2 more to complete the job which cost as much as the 8 I picked up from John.