Keep ’em Guessing


Keep ’em Guessing

Today's triple couplet workout included 48 burpees. The move has been largely absent due to the challenge that several people are taking part in. Even though I announced at the onset that workout burpees would be separate from the challenge today I reneged. This was good for most but April and Carrie didn't appreciate it as they got theirs out of the way before workout time. Sorry, kind of.

Even though many worked hard today, the big story was the first CrossFit Kids class. Luke, Mikey, Ty and Chase took pert in the four part affair. Agility ladders for warmup, squats as the focus move, AMRAP 10 of 50m sprint, 10 squats and running backwards, followed by CrossFit freeze tag as the game were enjoyed by the boys. Next class is 6:30 Thursday followed by 11:00 on Saturday.

Christy and Rusty were also in for their second foundations class.

It's back to FD duty tomorrow.

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