June First


June First

So I guess I'm feeling bad about not being consistent with the blog posts, but honestly sometimes I just don't have the time. So I promise I will do my best.

After Saturday's fight gone bad for both adults and kids, we watched Every Second Counts, consumed good food with good company and good drinks. Thanks to all that made it.

Congrats to Debbie, Denny's other or better half for finishing the foundations sessions. She did well and today was in for her first actual class. Again, she did a good Job.

We also had Susie and Dana in for their introductory class and they're scheduled for foundations starting tomorrow. As I will be in and out for the next two weeks it will take them longer than normal to complete the foundations but we'll get there soon enough. A note to other potential members the foundations sessions will be 4 in number and it's gonna be tough to convince me that they're not necessary.

Been getting a few calls from prospects that are looking for a traditional gym. Is that us?

For those of you that didn't make it in for today's classes, I announced the Dutch Lowy Challenge for the month of June. As many thrusters as possible in one set. Should be fun, both the WOD and the prep. Looking forward to his program this weekend in Vegas.

Below is the latest I would like you to be aware of. It came from CrossFit Balboa who received it from Dutch Lowy. Interesting stuff and if I had a link it probably would be better but I don't have the knowledge to make that happen so her it is:

Natural, Pasture Fed, Grassfed and Cloned Beef Labels



Continuing the philosophy that our customers are our
in raising and providing the highest quality and most nutritious
beef available, I need to inform you about some very misleading “beef
that you are seeing or will see in your local stores’ meat


With the increased interest by consumers in more nutritious
beef, the USDA (Department of Agriculture) decided to define (dictate) the
minimum standards of just what is required by ranchers/producers of beef to
qualify for certain beef labels.  Our
local Texas Grassfed Livestock Alliance, our national American Grassfed
Association and several other all-grass associations lobbied very hard with our
USDA beef labeling committee to seize upon this opportunity to “narrowly
define” exact protocols and standards so consumers would know exactly what
they are eating
.  Of course, the big
meat packers and feedlot owners also lobbied very hard for a very “broadly
defined” set of protocols and minimum standards.  We lost and they won the lobbying war.


So, beware!  Here are
the standards the USDA now believes properly informs consumers as they shop for


  1. All Natural—as popularized
    by Nolan Ryan’s Tender-Aged All Natural Beef:  Nolan Ryan owns no fewer than four
    mega-large “feedlots” in Texas. 
    Foreman’s Choice is jumping on this bandwagon also.  Now, according to the USDA, All Natural
    means producers can give Growth Hormones (steroid implants and growth
    promoters), high-dosage quantities of Antibiotics (when feedlot animals
    are sick), and low-dosage quantities of Antibiotic feeds (medicated feeds)
    with the grain-based feeds used in feedlots.  FYI, 70% of worldwide antibiotic
    consumption is in U.S. feedlots. 
    NOW, the only requirement mandated by the USDA is that for the LAST
    90 DAYS before slaughter, producers cannot administer these items to the
    animals.  An animal is slaughtered
    between 12-24 months of age.  Three
    months (90 days) out of 12-24 months allows producers a lot of time to
    implant and medicate their animals. 
    The USDA believes all the effects of Hormones and Antibiotics have
    left the meat tissue after 90 days. 
    These animals can be finished in the feedlot and never have access
    to grass their entire lives and they still qualify as ALL NATURAL.  Give me a
    break; All Natural?  Go figure!  Big lobbies have big money!


  1. Pasture Finished—means a
    producer can feed his animals a “grain-based diet” as long as animals have
    access to pasture.  The problem is
    that the USDA is allowing feedlots to open a gate from their feedlots into
    an adjacent “small” pasture to qualify as Pasture Finished.  This is funny and sick at the same
    time.  Feedlots manage thousands of
    head per day on a limited number of acres; i.e., 10-500 acres.  Most ranchers run 1 cow per 5 to 40
    acres to ensure that one animal has adequate grass to graze.  So, a feedlot with 10,000 head would
    need 400,000 acres to adequately provide for those animals.  450,000 acres is half the size of the
    average Texas County.  450,000 acres
    is 30 miles long and 15 miles wide. 
    Unfortunately, cattle are similar to humans.  They prefer sweet foods like grain and
    corn to grass.  They will spend the
    majority of their time at the feed trough and a minority of time eating
    grass…if there is grass to eat. 
    Fortunately, this requirement should provide a better housing and
    health environment for those animals but it will not improve the nutrition
    of their meat.  The original intent,
    of most of us small producers using the term Pasture Finished, was to
    define Pasture Finished to help consumers understand that cattle do not
    eat just grass.  While in a pasture,
    they eat a lot of different green forages: forbs, weeds, tree leaves,
    etc.  But, it needs to be
    “green”.  So, Holy Cow Beef is
    replacing all of its Pasture-Raised/Pasture-Finished language with


  1. Grassfed—according to the
    USDA, means an animal must have “access” to grass and pasture during its
    life, and the animals must get the majority of its nutrients from
    grass.  The USDA does not define how
    much time or at what age these animals have this “access” to grass or
    pasture.  Nor will the USDA monitor
    ranches/feedlots 24/7 to verify how much time an animal spends eating
    grass vs. grains from feed troughs. 
    So, once again, big beef industry will open a gate from their
    feedlots to an adjacent pasture to qualify as Grassfed.  Now, even more horrific, the USDA is
    allowing producers to implant animals with Growth Hormones and to doctor
    with Antibiotics and to feed medicated feeds and still qualify as
    Grassfed.  The USDA’s position is
    that the use of hormones and antibiotics has nothing “literally” to do with the “concept” of grassfed. 
    We, little guys, all argued (in person before the head of the
    USDA’s labeling committee) that the average consumer would be EXTREMELY
    CONFUSED by this labeling.  The “SPIRIT” of the Grassfed
    movement is to provide consumers with a healthier choice…who cares what is
    meant by “literally vs. figuratively”. 
    All I can say is that the big-beef industry easily won this
    labeling battle, and American consumers will be very confused by it.


  1. Cloning—the USDA recently
    ruled that meat from cloned animals was safe for human consumption.  This means that the beef (all meats) you
    buy from your supermarket will
    carry a label distinguishing that one cut was produced from a
    cloned animal while another cut was produced naturally.  This means you will never know where and
    how your beef was produced.  I’m
    sorry, but that is just not good enough for me.  I believe in eating only products that
    can reproduce themselves.  Cloned
    animals are infertile and cannot reproduce.  The Bible speaks of eating only foods
    that contain seeds and can reproduce. 
    That’s good enough for my family and me!


Holy Cow will continue to raise and produce the highest
quality grassfed beef possible.  Our beef
has all the nutrition God intended it to have…whatever the heck that is!  My family eats our beef and we thank you for
your support and patronage.


Weldon & Ann Warren

Holy Cow Beef


[email protected]

2 Responses

  1. claudia

    Here’s just one other way that government will be sticking their noses where they don’t belong. I find this article extremely disturbing.

  2. Buffy

    I agree with Claudia plus I just can’t eat all my baby peeps that I see everyday on my way to work….Geez are any animals treated well? I think I should just become a veggie…….