June 4th


June 4th

Wanted to say thanks to Gail for doing an introductory session today and Claudia for covering classes. Also to all the CFCV members for your patronage. And finally to Kelly Starrett from San Francisco CrossFit for all his insight and information sharing. Ran across this that ya'll should read Ibuprofen

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  1. Jason

    agreed, using pain killers aka: advil, ibuprofen, and tylenol are very harmful to the body! supprisingly Marijuana is the healthiest pain killer period. In a nutshell; THC easily penetrates the blood brain barrier, and blocks pain receptors (changing your perception on pain itself). no one has ever dies from using weed, however its better on your lungs if you ingest it. Just my thoughts as an alternative.

  2. claudia

    Oh boy, there goes my aleve, I was perfectly fine before I saw the doctor about my shoulder, then he told me to take aleve 2x a day, now I am alittle hooked, back to the proverbial drawing board, guess I will not be skipping yoga this morning afterall!

  3. Lola

    Hey Ron
    Are you still having 6 am classes I don’t see them on the web. They work well for the days I work at the hospital. Please let me know. oh this is Kelly on Lola’s PC
    Kelly Lopez