June 29


June 29

Wasn't able to post yesterday due to lack of access at work. I wanted to point out that I have uploaded a few of the members doing the thruster challenge. They can be accessed in youtube from my boatsk8 video list.

I have also tabulated the scores and posted them on the competition page of Dutch Lowy's blog. We'll see where we stand. I think the remarkable thing is the effectiveness of CrossFit. We haven't done thrusters since the first day back at the beginning of the month yet almost every single person who participated in the challenge improved, some dramatically. The original and final scores will be posted in the gym this week.

I wanted to bring you attention to a new movie that has been released. As you can imagine, I can't find it playing  anywhere near here but when and if it does I'll let you know. The trailer can be seen here.

Brian and Sean did their first workout Friday since finishing their foundations sessions. Whaddya think boys? Gayle also finished foundations and is now ready for the full Monty.

I reckon that's enough for today except the new Douglas track is dynamite. And Ryan does a great job of taking care of it. C-shift station 14 mile o death fo;;owing a good day of wild land training O-Yeah!

2 Responses

  1. Claudia

    I totally want to see that movie. Nicole, you are so awesome, I love watching you get stronger and stronger, see I have grown, as I have put my jealousy aside…..:)

  2. Nicole Gesselman

    Cludia ur funny there nothing to be jealous bout. Ur just a strong. Love to hit the movie and BBQ.