June 23rd


June 23rd

Another month is coming to a close and we're well into the warm weather. As some of the newer members have learned there is no ac in the gym and we try to manage the heat with fans and cycling the opening of the doors and windows. One of the reasons the 2:30 class is postponed during the summer.

Congrats to Nicole for her 12th place finish in the FOS and to Mark for his 6th place. The FOS has attracted many of the top CrossFitters in California. The effort and talent by all the athletes was amazing and Nicole and Mark's performances were truly inspiring.

It was good to have Michelle H back in the gym after her hiatus. Shelby is almost halfway through her on ramp and a couple of more are fixin to start. Mendy is really kicking ass just like she did in bootcamp classes.

Since Friday's have more or less been designated as strongman WODs we have had some fun ones. We will continue with strongman Friday as long as there's interest.

Today was the first Saturday WOD in quite awhile. We will also continue those as long as there's interest and I would like to focus the Saturday WODs on team efforts.

I'd like to address the Bootcamp and scheduling as this became an issue a couple of weeks ago. The Bootcamp classes are a consistent schedule that is determined by the trainers and is for all intent and purposes a separate business run by the coaches. They determine the schedule, program the WODs and are responsible for the entire program. They pay CFCV a percentage of their take on a monthly basis.

In my opinion it has been a great addition to our program. From my perspective the BC is intended to meet the needs of a niche of folks that are either intimidated or not interested in our CF program. It also is an opportunity for those that haven't been active for awhile to prepare as an entry point to our CF program. We have transitioned a few already and there are others that are ready to make the change if they desire.

Economically, the program pays for the space and the associated costs as well as providing the  coaches with a more substantial income than I have ever enjoyed. The extra space also comes in handy for our CF program.

The controversy came from an announcement that I made on Facebook stating that CF classes were cancelled and the Bootcamp classes would still be rockin. For some this meant that I don't care about CF classes and the BC had become my focus. To that I offer a hardy Bull Shit. Fact of the matter is that it was the first day of the new BC which had already been covered by the "owners" of that business and I had to work an extra shift at my real job and the other coaches had their life resposibilities. My post on FB was an attempt to let people know that there was no coach for classes instead of showing up to a note on the door while letting the BCers know they were still on. I should have picked better language to use, but I didn't and for that offer an apology.

Over the past 4+ years I have cancelled classes due to a lack of a coach (which is required by our insurance and CrossFit) less than 5 times total. I think that's pretty good considering I must maintain my real job to support CFCVas well as our coaching staff at times have family responsibilities. In reality, it was a matter of mis-communication and Rachael ended up being available to cover the classes.

So let me ask those that had a big problem with the situation a question-how many times have you not made it to class when you were signed up due to other commitments? 

Obviously we run a service oriented business and honestly bust our asses to provide that service to our members but occasionally shit will happen. We try our damnest to schedule the service ahead of time and communicate the schedule to you.

The bottom line is the BC program may be controversial for some but for now it is here to stay. Also know that we have tried to provide adequate equipment and facilities so as to not have the 2 programs conflict. Many other affiliates are starting to run BC's in the same space as their CF classes at the same time. I can only imagine what a nightmare that would be.

2 Responses

  1. Chris

    Nicolette and I are in for Friday strongman Wod’s and Saturday partner Wod’s if we are in town.Thanks Ron and Penny for all that you do!!

  2. Rachael

    Well said. Due to my back and past issues the Strong man friday just sounds plain intimidating. BUT, I have no problem turning it into a “weak wo-man” wod. =) Thanks again to everyone who makes CFCV a fun place to be!