June 12th


June 12th

We had so much fun on Friday that I just had to take some pictures and some coaches posted their comments on FB:

Must have been early, everyone was smiling.

Last month was awesome from a pr perspective. Although we were working on establishing new pr's for the purpose of focusing future training  I am still awestruck. Our members continue to get strong as well as good:


The Wednesday night SUP races have started at so. lake again. This year they are run out of El Dorado beach instead of Regan. I will not be closing up shop this year as that was an unpopular thing to do (I am capable of learning) but I will take advantage of every opportunity to race, like tomorrow. The coaches were good enough to cover me for the day for a subpoenaed trial that was cancelled. So I guess I'll work on the house and go race. Anyone wanting to come up, check in is at 5:45.

Rachael mentioned a possible Saturday class on the 23rd. Got me to thinking that it's time to start Saturdays again. We'll be working on adding them on soon.

Don't forget that this Saturday is the Fittest of the Sierra. I'm sure Nicole would appreciate your support.

With the way things are panning out, CFCV could use another coach or two. If you are/have been considering getting level I certified with a desire to coach classes let's talk. We are not in a position to do much in the way of paying for the cert for you but we should still talk.

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