July 3rd


July 3rd

I have received quite a few comments from people that enjoyed the deck of cards workout two days ago. This workout regimen is fun for a few reasons; the uncertainty of the movement order, the friendly "competition" its grueling nature and ease of movements just to name a few of the obvious ones. Unfortunately I'm not sure of the effectiveness at improving any of the fitness targets which is why we do it only occasionally. But it will come up again in the future with different movements any maybe in a different configuration.

Here's a pic of one of the sessions:
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Still waiting to hear the final results of the Dutch Lowy June challenge. At the 11th hour someone posted a 36 average from another affiliate with 6 people on their team. Our average was 30.28 with 25 folks on the list. Whether we win or not is not really the point, the increase in the abilities of those who participated is truly impressive. The July challenge will be fun and we'll do the baseline workout early next week.

The CrossFit Kids class last night was great. Only four showed but they did their first "girl" workout that is now recorded on the board. All the Kids did great and really put forth their best effort. This was the first class for Rachael's daughter Drew and Michelle's daughter watched with a curious eye. Marcus kicked butt and did the full workout, 400 meters and all.

Some of you will come in on your next visit and notice your name is no longer in the same spot on the whiteboard. We moved some of you to make room for the kids and those without consistent attendance have been removed. We keep all numbers and will replace your names on your return.

I wanted to pass on an article that appeared in a San Francisco newspaper about CrossFit and Bootcamps. Its incredible what the media can do with a little information and some mis-information. I know that Kelly Starrett is one of the best coaches in the CrossFit community and where I go for a lot of my information and must be really stewing at this point. Please be careful what you say publicly about CrossFit and CFCV as there are some that take things out of context and put their own spin on it for whatever their motivations are. This shit is hard no doubt but the intent is not to hurt anyone and the Pukie badge is way over rated. Cult, maybe but so are a lot of other credible organizations. You can read the story here

Have a great 4th