July 29th


July 29th

July is almost over and it has been a long, hot but productive month. Never the less I can't wait for August to get under way so we can move forward with the business of training at CFCV.

The bootcamps are doing well with several campers eyeing the move to CrossFit classes. And the amount of new folks finishing and starting on-ramp programs is more than ever before.

We have had some really fun Strongman sessions the past few Fridays and the Hooverball in the park was great fun. We plan on arranging another Hooverball outing possibly in conjunction with another camping trip in the coming month or so. I promise we'll give a little more notice this time.

I also would like to get on the water and paddle as a group again soon. I am told that after Labor Day is the best time for Tahoe excursions. More on that soon.

Penny and I are heading up the coast and over to my parent's house over the next week. This will have some effects on the schedule but as of now only 1 class (this Tuesday the 31st at 9:00) is not covered. The coaches have done a remarkable job covering classes to allow us a needed vacation and Penny and I truly appreciate it. Be sure to check the schedule to assure classes you plan to attend have a coach scheduled. You wil also notice that the 2:30 class will make a comeback coinciding with the start of school.

I will have limited access to e-mail for the next week but I will check in as often as possible. See you in a week!

We love partner WODs, especially strongman ones:


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