Jared’s the Man!!


Jared’s the Man!!

Sorry once again for the late post. Thursday’s workout mainly revolved around theCrossFit Total which represents the lifter’s 1 rep max of back squat, shoulder press ans deadlift. The total weight from each effort are added together for the CFT.

Jared’s the man because he increased his CFT by 212 pounds in 7 weeks. This represents a major increase from when he first showed up on the door step of CFCV.

Other increases were:

  • Seth 15 lbs
  • Caleb 40 lbs

Today was the initial CFT for:

  • Mike 548
  • Sarah 419
  • Lisa 379
  • Zach 246 (back squats not counted)

For those that missed Wednesday’s Angie, today was makeup day. Nicole did the deed in 26:55 with the skinny band and Rachael clocked in at 36:45 also with the skinny band. It’s remarkable that both did the full Angie.

3 Responses

  1. Nicole

    OK!!! Yah That one kick my but!!! I couldnt even walk out of the gym!! Way to go Ron!! I hate it so much I cant stop coming back for more!!

  2. Claudia

    Well, I made it safe and sound to the East coast, of course I had to check in with the blog, not too sad I missed this CFT, I think a break is something my body needed, I am still alittle sore from Wednesday’s Angie. Although, I have made plans to go to CF Central CT on Monday morning and I plan on running a bit as I am at sea level and am curious to how it will feel. Great work Jared, and all the other first time members who did CFT on Thursday.