January 5, 2009


January 5, 2009

Planning goals for 2009 is kind of a spooky deal. CFCV is seeing new members coming on board but some of the old have vanished. Watching Caleb who if I'm not mistaken is celebrating a year at CFCV and Seth who is in his 11th month is humbling, I think we've done some positive things over the past year.

I guess what I need to know is where do you want it to go. I have heard people mention a desire to sign up for classes online, pay their memberships online or through automatic fund transfers etc. Some would like to learn OLY lifts, some would like the kids program to start, some would like a normal schedule (m-f) and some just like things the way they are.

The goals I have are:

  1. Become a CF Kids affiliate and start those classes by February 1st.
  2. Limit classes to 10 participants for most classes max for sure is 15.
  3. Add more equipment as funds allow.
  4. Add another or more trainers as revenue increases.
  5. We have already begun the introductory/foundations program.
  6. Do some decorating of the facility.

These are just some short term goals I see. I really would like the members or prospective members input. Anything goes, I'll listen and consider what you request/prioritize, but recognize that revenue is an issue at CFCV just as everywhere else. Quite frankly, we are breaking about even at this point and could use some ideas on how to make a better more attractive product/experience. Please e-mail me or talk to me about any ideas you might have.

So the workout at station 1 today was 5 rounds of 10 deadlifts and 10 burpees for time. This is how we faired:
Denny     6:19     225#
Costa     7:31     225#
Matt H.   7:48     165#
Jeff J.     7:15     185#
Tracy      11:36    185#
Chad       9:18    185#
Matt K     9:31     165#
Zac         9:30     165#
Ron         8:54     165#
Paul         7:25     165#

Today was day 5 of the burpee challenge and even though we did 50 we did 5 more…..