January 3rd


January 3rd

Today was another of the Friends/Family free workouts and was well attended. There were 10 newbies along to enjoy the nice weather outside. Of course outside generally equates to running and other fun things like walking lunges. Everyone did a great job and although newbies were given the option of not lunging the entire 100 meters, most did. There will be quite a few folks sore especially the ones that have just recovered from the thrusters a few days ago. I really appreciate that members are encouraging their friends to come to these events.


Tomorrow begins another On-Ramp program at 6:30 pm. The kids program has moved to 5:30 and will be run concurrently with the adults 5:30 class if there are any participating.

Also tomorrow is day number 4 of the burpee challenge. Even if you haven't started yet you still can. As we work towards the 100th day if you miss a day or two you just have to make them up the following day. Its not that difficult yet, but will be when we reach the twenties and beyond. So if you haven't started, lets get with it!