January 16th


January 16th

I know it's been awhile but….

So I neglected to post last month's pr's. Dumb, since it's probably one of the most impressive of lists:


In the past week we have also seen some impressive numbers on some of the girls:


And other neat stuff going on:

Rachael and Carrie are doing a great job on the first of hopefully many bootcamps to come. Not to mention how well all the attendees are doing! It's going so well that they have added another time slot 3:30

Three new on ramps started with Chris, Lou, Carma and George. Jen finished hers today and several who finished last month are experiencing the real thing and doing well.

As most of you know, we have acquired the space next door and are working to get it functional. Plans are to broaden our services to reach more folks and offer those that are already members some new options. I will be explaining in detail as things unfold as we are still working on the plan.

I thank all the members of CFCV that have been supportive of recent changes. It's awesome to have such great members of our family. If you have any ideas on what we can offer or do better, please let me know. We are trying to think outside the box so to speak.

And then there's our in house artist extraordinaire, Cindy. She, her mother, Penny and Ethan worked on the mural for hours on Saturday and then she came back today and worked solo on it. It is so impressive:


Last but not least I need to plug the rowing cert we are having next month on the 11th. We have had 2 people register from CrossFit Initiative in Reno so far. I sure hope this event is not attended by all folks from other gyms, that would be a shame. Especially when rowing is such a big part of our program. If you wait too long to register all the spots may be full. So please….