January 10th


January 10th

So I'm guessing that ya'll thought I was done with the blog. To be honest 14 hrs at the gym takes it out of me and when I get home I'm not really enthusiastic to follow through with the blog. Not that there hasn't been anything important or interesting going on.

For instance, the latest On-Ramp Program. I wonder why we didn't do this sooner! It gives the participants an opportunity to not only be exposed to the movements like they were in the foundations program but they get to reinforce them by repetition. Add the camaraderie that is built by learning in a small group and walla!

Yesterday's workout tricked some and overwhelmed a few others. We usually do the any ass-hole workouts on Saturday but we switched Friday with a deck of cards and yesterday deadlifts and presses. The overwhelming part came from some that hadn't experienced that size of a crowd before, not to mention the intensity with which most people worked. It was a fun day to be sure.

I have been following another paleo blog for awhile that I thought I would turn you onto if you haven't seen it already: Panu. The principle doesn't agree with Cordain on all points but it is a refreshing change to view another perspective. There is an interesting entry on the CrossFit vs. Robb Wolf debacle.  

I'll leave you with a couple of pics:


I can't express how lucky we are to have such great members. Below is a pic of the latest equipment donations; Carrie the med ball, Kara 3 pairs of CFLA boxes, Adrienne the Clock Gone Bad and something only Penny and I will see from Stacey that will help us pay the bills. Thanks to you all!