It’s Camping Time!


It’s Camping Time!

For those of you who follow us on Facebook, I posted a couple of pics yesterday of our sites out at Topaz. For those of you familiar with Topaz Lake park, we have 6 sites across from the kids playground/grass area (burpee friendly if you must). We are right on the lake with plenty of beach (lots of gravel) and somewhat sheltered from the wind. We also have some awesome trees for shade.

This is supposed to be a CFCV camping trip as Carrie announced on Facebook etc. so come out and join us for the day or bring a tent and stay the night. All are welcome and we have quite a bit of room. And I've got all my paddle boards and I've heard rumors that Dave T. is going to bring his jet skis out.

The schedule for June is looking somewhat iffy. There are several afternoons that have not been filled to my knowledge so keep an eye on the calendar on this blog as I try to keep it as up to date as I am informed.

In a perfect world we would be very consistent but with my job at the FD and other unknowns we will have some challenges for a little bit. I will keep you informed and give this my best effort!


Mindy is making the transition from Bootcamp and came in for her first session this morning. She brought Pete with her who is "kicking the tires" They both worked hard and learned some stuff I trust.

Jen A. is also transitioning to CF from the Bootcamp. As a previous long term CFCV member she will not need the transition program but will fit right in. Welcome Back Jen!

It sure is awesome to see full Bootcamp classes at all times of the day!

As you know we have several Carson Valley teachers at CFCV and Janae is one of our strongest supporters and a great athlete as well:





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