If you need some to pull the trigger on CrossFit and Paleo check this link out: here. If you're already there you might want to check it out to reinforce your decision.

Had four gals in yesterday that are CFCV curious. As co workers of Carrie, Janae and Tami they hear about us all the time. They completed essentially class number 1 of the on-ramp program, we'll see where it goes from here.

Sadly Jessica suffered a back injury this morning, hope all is well and a speedy recovery.

Still trying to fill Whole9 slots, interested? call or check out the link at the top of this page.

3 Responses

  1. Nicole Gesselman

    I love that article!!! Crossfit is a cult. Once you drink the kool-aid you are in. No going back to the stairstepper anymore. Its all in steps. Come through the doors get your ass kicked for awhile and then your in a slump. Then comes the diet. You want to try the diet but you can’t give up that nasty yummy food!!! (As so you think)Then the owner throws out a challenge. Of course being the competive crossfitters we all agree to it. And ya we all know what happens from there. A life change!!!

  2. Nicole Gesselman

    Jessica I feel so bad for. I am praying for you to have a speedy recovery. I just meet you and was looking forward to seeing you in my classes. You are a hoot! You diffently know your shit!!! LOL. Get better soon!!!