CFCV has had quite an influx of interested folks over the past two weeks. The entire Resnick clan have signed on and Robbie has already attended 2 classes. Reece has been coming to Cf Kids since day 1 and Barb and Rob had their first days last week.

TJ had his introductory session on Thursday and Sandy and Jen did theirs on Friday. All three will start their foundations sessions next week as will Anna, Michelle and Sarah.

We also will be hsoting as memeber from another CF affiliate that will be visiting our area on Monday. I know several folks including kids members and adults will be out of town for spring break and I hope all have a fun and safe vacation. We will have our normal schedule throughout the week. See you in 2 days.

It was nice to see Barb out and about today at the store. Glad you are on the mend!