Inconsistent Blogging


Inconsistent Blogging

I made a promise to myself and ya'll indirectly that I would blog daily on the happenings at CFCV. Trouble is that since the schedule change there hasn't been something for me to say on a daily basis. This is because there are instructors covering for me when that work thing gets in the way, and on Saturdays and Sunday we're now kinda closed. Kinda in that we plan on doing some workouts in the park in the near future. Bottom line is I'm not one to make up words when I don't think they're needed so I struggle with this.

With all that said, today's return to the new CFCV was another exciting day. Janeen has found new challenge in the 9:00 with us and did a great job. I wonder if the sweating will scare her away (kidding).

At 1:00, April and Sarah experienced the AOS kettlebell workout Providence for the first time. There was also some major sweat rings experienced by April. Also in that session, Nicole's sister Danny (spelling probaly sux) was in for her first workout. She did a great job, hope she comes back.

Then at 4:00 a whole gaggle showed, including Shalene's husband Joe, Stacy, Rachael, Nicole and Jared. They all did a version of Providence with Stacy and Joe experiencing their first predominantly kettlebell workout. Actually for Joe it was his first visit to CFCV and hopefully he too will return.

The the 5:00'ers (Claudia, Seth and Caleb) rocked the Providence workout as usual. They are no strangers to the effort.

As far as the new location, everything is coming together. Still working on the stall mats and adding equipment, white boards etc., but I think it is functional and the extra room is wonderful.

It was mentioned this evening that the time change from 5:00 to 5:15 should be mentioned on the blog. So it is. There are also some necessary changes that need to be made to the website regarding location and cost. These will be done soon.