In the Wake


In the Wake

of the Dutch Lowy gig things are returning to normal, at least as normal as they get here. Penny took him to the airport this morning while I pulled another marathon day. Penny tells me Dutch is one of those Nevahduh guys. We'll have to straighten him out that. I guess the bottom line result is that Dutch's presence has changed the lives of not only his intended audience (East Fork Fire and Carson City Fire), but all the members of CFCV as well. Besides the 2 days at the seminar he hung out and observed for a day and gave me some valuable feedback and tips for coaching and running a CrossFit  style gym. We also got a chance to visit Lake Tahoe, too bad we couldn't see anything:


In other news, I have continued to communicate with Melissa Urban about a Whole 9 nutrition gig and it looks like June 16th and 17th are the dates. They (Melissa and Dallas) would arrive in the afternoon of the 16th and could do an "after work" presentation. They also will be available for an am and pm on the 17th. What I need now is a list of folks who would be interested. Of course I will advertise to other affiliates and other places but we need commitments from 20 folks per time slot. These will be 3 hour or so events at a cost of $75.00 per person. Cheap at twice the price!

More tomorrow, I'm burned out for tonight!

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  1. Thank yo so much for having Ron and Penny! Ya’ll treated me like a king.
    All you CFCV peeps, it was a huge pleasure to get to meet you. I really look forward to my next trip. Be nice to Ron and keep kicking ass!!

  2. Nicole Gesselman

    It was an awesome 2 days!!! Had so much fun and learned alot!! Thank you so much Ron and Penny for letting me in. To Dutch it was so nice to meet him and pick his brain! F>>> Burpees!! Hope all the guys had fun from the departments they did really well.