Hump Day


Hump Day

Everyone survived today's workout out of box jumps, kb snatches, kb push presses and swings. Jason C. Brown of CrossFit Philly claims this is one of their favorites. I have to agree it's a fun and challenging one. I've got some pictures of the Reid's in action that I will post tonight,don't have the ability from the gym.

Wednesday was day 7 of the burpee challenge.

Claudia and Joanne were in between classes for their CrossFit Total work. The new method of doing the CFT with a max of 3 people seems to work well. It gives me an opportunity to work closer with the smaller group and allows each person to focus better.

Jon from Again Faster posted this recently:

"In the bottom of a clean, quads burning, you'll want to quit. 
Pulling deadlifts, the skin on your hands tearing, you'll want to
quit.  Your body protesting, crying for relief as your veins pump
waste, you'll want to quit.

Your mind will scream from its high
perch, commanding you to stop, lest you break, crash, and burn. 
Feeling the outer limits of your capabilities, it will hit every
physical and emotional alarm in the arsenal, rocketing pain, misery,
and doubt into your thoughts.

It would be easy to give in to the
hot rush of your brain's emergency brake.  To drop the bar.  To get off
the rings.  To let your knees collapse as panic breaths heave through
your chest.


Superhuman performance is separated
from mere fitness by the undeniable need to persist, to never give up. 
Those who achieve are resilient.  Standing when you want to fall,
punching when you want to tap out, and running when you want to walk
are the necessities of elite athleticism…"

 You can read the rest here: