Humbling Performances


Humbling Performances

From Caleb’s 20kg kettlebell snatches to Carrie and Shalene’s Fran efforts, I am once again impressed with CFCV athlete’s performances. Mike has also progressed amazingly in a short period of time as well as Claudia’s toughness in performing burpees on concrete while the "guys" required padding. All kidding aside, all did a great job today and this evening showing strength, tenacity and perseverance. Ethan went from performing many burpees to frog jumps in TKD class without much of a complaint….well maybe a little. Honestly, great job everyone!!!Dsc01172


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  1. carrie Richardson

    That was a good one! Very tired upper body and still discovering new muscles that I never realized were there before. I was HOPING for lower body today and didn’t get it. . . So. . . . Here’s hoping for tomorrow! I can barely lift my arms! But I’m happy about it 🙂