Holiday Blues


Holiday Blues

Today was the final chapter in the holiday festivities for this year. Although we had a family gathering yesterday with all the fattening food drink etc., Ryan just returned from Idaho this afternoon. So it was another day of fattening food, no workout (3 days now) but an excellent family get-together.

Also today was my 14th old guy physical for the fire department which requires a stress EKG. If you’ve never had one, they’re a real blast. The good news is that although I have not run on a treadmill at 5mph and 18% incline for oh a year now, I had no problem. Met my target heart rate of 141 bpm and cranked out 14.8 mets. Not bad for an old guy. Only able to do it at that level because of CrossFit though.

Tomorrow starts my new year with some exciting prospects.

The following is a link to an entry one one of my favorite CrossFitter’s blog that I couldn’t say anywhere near as well:

Again Faster Blog Entry

Jon is also the source of our equipment procurement at East Fork Fire.