It's been a few days but  refocus was needed. Spent 72 glorious hours at the fork and I wonder what is more f'd up? Movin right along, Dutch and Dave have been doin a great job and your hammy's are paying I have seen significant gains in strength and technical ability in me and you.

So, where do we go from here? Attendance is down but it is summer. Penny has been looking at the numbers and it is pretty much the norm. I attribute some of this to spending more time lifting weights in all fashions, and some of you don't like it. Well, the lifting is about making you stronger and granted some of you don't want to be oly lifters. In considering the latest Performance Menu issue and Greg Everett's column I will acknowledge his comments that the lifts are not for everyone. As such, I will offer alternatives in the future to the oly lifts (snatch and clean & jerk) and their progressions. However, we will still be a hands on weightlifting gym as being stronger will make you better at CrossFit wods and there is nothing better at making you stronger and focused than over head squats and the like. 

An interesting article on processed meats and their counterparts: meats.

We really need some more folks to sign up for the Whole9 Nutrition Workshop on June 10th. We're at 10 and need 5 more to make it happen. I guess Penny and I will buy 5 seats if we need to but that will be the end of hosting events like this I was kind of hoping for some support from surrounding affiliates but…. 

That's enough for now and I leave you with today's effort:


4 Responses

  1. Stacey

    So no bacon???? Is life worth living? Actually I’ve already given up my bacon addiction (and sausage) but it’s good info to pass along. Long live unprocessed red meat!! Thanks, Ron.

  2. Ken

    Hi Ron, I can’t make it in today but I will sign up for the Whole 9 seminar when I come in on Friday.
    FYI, Bacon is considered a performance enhancing drug where I come from but it’s legal!!! I’m down to 2 slices a day, it’s so sad :(…….bacon withdrawal is an ugly process 🙂
    I avoid the flavored stuff (maple etc.) Read the labels, avoid the stuff that has sugar and other chemicals added. If you haven’t tried it, wild boar bacon is pretty good (but expensive).

  3. Ken

    One more thing:
    Keep the lifting coming, I’ve improved my snatch and overhead squat significantly since joining CVCF. Anything but cardio is good in my books 😉

  4. Nicole Gesselman

    I love lifting!!! Keep bringing it. So many of us are getting stronger. I feel it makes my daily life stronger as well. Thanks Ron for all the kickass hammy workouts. Love them when there on fire!!!! Holly Molly!!!