Hi Ho from the Republic of California


Hi Ho from the Republic of California

Made it down to the digs for the next few days during the level 2 cert at the site of the CrossFit Games. Beautiful country but where’s the sage brush?

Just wanted to recognize Seth for his muscle ups today.Another great job! More on the way for next week by some other CFCVers, Guaranteed.

Hope everyone is doing well, this especially means Janeen, we’ll see ya in a few days!

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  1. Shalene

    Thank you for embarking on our muscle-up plan. It was a short lived and very effective plan thanks to you. S

  2. Shalene

    For all of you that I wasn’t able to contact by phone. There will be a 4:00 class today. Everyone is welcome. Come and get you some….

  3. Janeen L Blackford

    Thank you so much for thinking of me when I know how busy you are. Shalene’s husband “Dr. Joe” Seems to be doing a much better job. (He’s a great Dr. If anyone’s looking!)
    Thank Ron and Denny for “catching” me.
    I also want to thank Shalene for once again volunteering her time to help us sweat. If she had a life, I’d be half as strong as I am now.
    Thanks everyone!!!