Hey Anna


Hey Anna

This blog's for you!. Seriously, I would love to post everyday but I spend 14 hrs. everyday at the gym and sometimes I just don't feel like it. I also seem to run out of content that might be worth passing on. But, I have seen on a few other blogs recently that some use guest bloggers successfully. I think that's a great idea and extend the invitation to anyone that has anything interesting they want to write about to send it to my email address and as long as it's appropriate I will post it.

Over the past few days I have been  told that people just aren't feeling their bad ass selves. It got me to wondering how many are folks that finished the challenge and haven't been eating too great lately. The timing is about right for this to be a factor and I wonder just how that fits in with the how you look feel and perform analogy. I'm just sayin…..

Congratulations to Jen, Brian and Jessica for finishing their on-ramp class tonight. Their times on the repeated first workout were dramatically lower and they endured two days worth of content to make up for the wind caused cancellation last night. When you see one or all of them in regular classes, please introduce yourselves and welcome them to the family:


Remember friends and family workout Sunday at 10:00. Weather is supposed to be nice and I will do my best to program a representative sample of CFCV without going over the top.

I should have the new schedule updated to the blog in the next day or two. You will notice that the 12:00 time slot is longer on it or on the sheets. The participation has been spotty at best and removal of the time slot will give me a few hours in the middle of the day to accomplish some chores. Of course if there are those that can only make it at that time, I will make it happen but it will have to be scheduled special and ahead of time.

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  1. Anna

    Thanks Ron,Its always nice to read what think and learn what you know.I love your gym,and most of WOD.LOL

  2. Stacey

    Thanks for posting, Ron! I know it was just to get Anna off your back, but there are a few others of us that can’t get enough of this CF stuff even after we leave the gym and like to see what you’ve got to say— we just don’t nag you about it 😉
    Welcome to the noobs! Can’t wait to see them in regular classes and cheer them on. Also excited about “guest bloggers”– that should be fun!! Can’t wait to see who’s first….