Here We Grow!!


Here We Grow!!

SInce the inception of CFCV, I have struggled with the idea of when we move from a garage gym to an actual box and be able to call it a gym. Well, that change is in the works. I have looked at a few buildings and have found what I believe to be the perfect spot for CFCV, for at least the near future. There is also potential for growth in the building if the cards fall right. The only set back might be the building may be leased to another party before we get the chance. I will know tomorrow and hopefull the fortune cookie I drew a couple of days ago is right:"Now is a lucky time for you – take a chance" So I am and we'll see. I will give the details on tomorrow's entry – wish us luck.

As yesterday was a duty day for me, Shalene and Claudia took the reins. Cindy was the workout for the Level one folks and a kettlebell centric workout was slated for level twoers.


For the Cindy workouts, they were the first for everyone who showed and the totals are posted on the wall of shame.

Today, Shalene and I did the level 2 workout from yesterday. Then the level oners that did Cindy Yesterday, did Fran. The other absentees from yesterday did the Cindy workout.The level twoers followed up with the mainsite workout of a few days ago featuring 10 rounds for time of 12 burpees and 12 pull ups.



For those of you on the fence about becoming one of the CFCV team, you'd better hurry. With cost of doing business increasing, so will prices, although not dramatically. Once the lease is signed, the stakes are higher but we will remain reasonable for what we offer.

Thanks to those that have made this all possible with their continued support.