The CFCV athletes got after Helen today. Carrie and Denny posted the quickest times and definitely rocked it. The most improved goes to Zach who did better pull ups than ever before and cut 2 minutes or so off his last effort. It's been a while due to the cold weather since we've been outside and it was a great change. I captured a couple of pics from the 4:30 group:

This was the first exposure for a few. I took pictures of the board but for some reason they didn't transfer. I'll post them in the next posting.

Been working on the nutrition challenge and got some input from Robb Wolf. We are going to go with CrossFit Seattle's template as it looks comprehensive yet effective. My plan is to hold a lecture/meeting to discuss food strategies, rules and take the before pictures then start the actual challenge a week later. I know everyone is getting anxious so we'll get it started within the next 2 weeks.

Don't forget about the friends/ family free workout this Sunday at 10:00 and the next on-ramp starting the following day on Monday the 8th at 6:30 pm.

How many fell into this TRAP???????

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  1. kelly

    Ron, looking foward to some good workouts be for my surgery and hopefull we can figure out something to keep me going after, lets chat and see what is possible thanks for everythign you rock,,,,