Helen Tuesday


Helen Tuesday

As mentioned by Jared on Facebook, Tuesday's wod was Helen. The impressive part was the stellar performances of quite a few folks. As Jared mentioned, he improved his time in the 2 minute range while others showed big improvement in time reduction and increased weight or reduced scaling on the pull ups. I hate to mention stand out names because I will forget to mention someone who deserves it so I will post the results below.

Crossfit 030Crossfit 004

Crossfit 013 

Crossfit 016 

Crossfit 017 

Crossfit 027 

Crossfit 029 

One of the big limitations on wods like this seems to be the running component. Those that run well (Kara, Denny and others) seem to put up decent times. Those that suck at running (the majority of us) could greatly improve our times. I think its appropriate to run a little more in these dog days of summer, what are your thoughts?

Wanted to post a link I saw on CrossFit Balboa that gives some insight into the Paleo diet via an interview  with the  man himself Interview with Loren Cordain Enjoy!

4 Responses

  1. Jared

    I totally agree with you Ron about running. I hate running, but I would have to agree that it’s a weak point for me and i should do it more. (Sigh).
    There’s also a nice video on Dutch’s website of his warmup. It’s amazing how much Dutch and I look a like; from the neck down. (it’s a joke).

  2. Mark

    I think we should just make Kara and Denny sit out on the running workouts so that we can catch up! Just kidding………..Bring it!

  3. Nicole Gesselman

    Jared u totally look like him!!! But have to agree with Mark Bring on sucker!!!!Run like the wolf…..!