Heaviness in Florida


Heaviness in Florida

Learning lots of great stuff from OPT here in Florida. Dude's a genius with lots of knowledge and experience. What will it mean to CFCV members? Better programming with short and long term goals based on their assessment findings and what they wish to accomplish.

The weather here has been cruby, raining everyday but what can we expect from Florida? And the blue hairs, enough said…..

Hope everyone is enjoying the workouts.

There has been some question about the CF Games and whether we will host open workouts. Yes we will do the best we can. I understand that CFCV will have to opt in from week to week. The workouts will be announced on Tuesday and athletes will have until Sunday to complete them. We will make time available but remember the FD schedule may conflict on some weekend days. We will work hard to accomodate CFCV members, out of towners we will also work with to a degree but I will not compromise our regular schedule to fit games wods in for non-members.

There also appears to be some interest in having an affiliate team. I will spring for and handle the team registration. As I understand it, our athletes still need to qualify week to week individually throughout the open competitions. We will remain in the running as long as enough folks stay in the hunt and our athletes continue to qualify. Athletes will then have to declare if they are going to compete as an affiliate team or individual at the games.

Last day with OPT tomorrow and then off to the keys for a couple of days.