Heart Felt Thank You


Heart Felt Thank You

We want to thank all the vets that have made sacrifices for our freedom. A lot of people take what we have for granted and although it is not all due to our friends, family and forefathers sacrifices in the military, I would hate to discount those sacrifices. This includes not only the supreme sacrifice of life but also the freedom most people have that is not the same while in the military. Those of you that have been in understand, the rest can't imagine.

We had a limited schedule over the weekend but nevertheless worked pretty hard. It was not only the adults but the kids showed in force today. It was great to see Kara back, sporting her burpee challenge t-shirt as well as Luke and Lynn today.

I know sometimes the classes on the weekends are pretty full and I hope the size doesn't annoy members but I sure hate to turn anyone away unless we just can't make proper adjustments. I am open to criticism here so let me know how you feel.

Lots of good stuff coming-for instance I purchased the CrossFit movie "Every Second Counts". I am hoping to set up a special viewing at somewhere with a big screen, good sound system and a big refrigerator that will hold lots of adult beverages. Bueller?

Here's proof we had fun:

Crossfit 004
Crossfit 010
Crossfit 012
Crossfit 013

Another thing that is awesome

Workpix 045

Limited schedule tomorrow, 9:00, 4:00 and 5:15 while I work at he FD

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  1. Stacey

    The CF movie viewing would be great! Look forward to it. I have no problem with the big groups on the weekends. It’s different and gives kind of a party atmosphere…. not that CF’s not always a party 😉