Thank you Ron and Penny for everything you two have done for this gym and our life's. If it wasn't for the heart you two put in this gym we wouldn't be happy and freaking exhausted everyday. Have to thank everyone that comes out and gets there a$$ kicked and puts in everything they have into there workouts. Its been tough with the heat. The 6 o'clocker have it made. Its cool and early. Sue nice job on the pull-ups, Jen your heart is awesome and Nicolette your just freaking strong. Lisa W it nice to see you back in action. The 9ners have it also good. Its not to hot yet. But you guys kick it off for all the rest of us. Its all about beating the 9ers. Then the 2:30ers. Holly molly its on! Mark sets a time and then here comes Jim Right on his a$$. The 4:30er and 5:30ers HOT! VERY HOT! Sheri graduating from bands pushing herself through devastating times. Rachael coming down at early mornings with her injured back and giving it her all with a smile. Everyone gives it so much heart I love standing there watching the battle. Today was buddy day and we had 4 buddies and they did and amazing job. Keep  it up. Here is a video from Crossfit Overload Enjoy!!!!


Download CF_WhatIsCrossFitShort_SD[1] 

" Champions aren't made in the gym. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision."

    Muhammad Ali

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  1. kelly

    I finally made it back to x-fit on the 29th boy did I miss it. I was worried I would suck and I was right but I made it through with flying colors and f bombs, Ron looking foward to seeing you and Pey back, hope you had a great trip even with the bumps along the way….