Having e-mail issues


Having e-mail issues

My Droid email is messed up so when I answer emails from it they aren't going out. There are 18 in the que and until I can get to Verizon I'll have to go to plan B. Sorry to those that haven't gotten timely answers like Jim for his daily WOD request. I sent replies they just haven't gone out. This will slow the process down for me as I have to go to my laptop to answer emails and during my FD shift this may or may not happen. Please be patient.

Please attend the OLY meet this Saturday even if you're not planning on lifting. We will have some visitors and a strong showing would be cool. Who knows maybe you'll be inticed to play. Again this is a for fun event.

Kara is signing CFCV up as a team in the next Tough Mudder Event at Squaw Valley in Sept. 2011. If individuals sign up before 1/28 you get a pretty good discount. I'm gonna throw my self on the line this year so if we do some more running in the future this is just another reason to justify it.

Looks like tomorrow is the last on-ramp session for the current folks. They have done well and come a long way. We will be starting a new on-ramp on Feb. 1st and as stated previously there are some requirements to getting in. The most significant of which is a physical assessment which is meant to make the experience more valauble and appropriate. So far we have Troy from this month's on-ramp returning and Teri's husband is a potential. That leaves 2 more spots. Bueller?

I am holding fast to the on-ramp requirement for entry into our program. The only exception will be those that can demonstrate knowledge/proficiency in the majority of our movements. This can be done on a one on one basis with any of our coaches but is being done for everyone's benefit.

There was an interesting comment from an outside source on the last blog post check it out.

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  1. Marsh

    The Crossfit equipment review guy spammed the mainsite forum a while back. I suppose the more sites out there that prove themselves reliable the better the market will become for the consumer in the way of cheaper prices.